Stephanie Chambers



Stephanie Chambers has a background an early childhood education and a Child Development Associates degree. For the past ten years Stephanie has been a lead classroom teacher and has worked diligently to create the love of learning in children. She has been an amazing home school teacher and has experience developing lessons based on each child’s individual learning needs. Stephanie was previously Bethel Life Center's Nursery Director and has a passion for helping children develop a relationship with God.

Amanda Perez



We are so ecstatic to have Amanda on our team. She has experience teaching children in latchkey and preparing them for Kindergarten. Amanda is very patient and so polite. 

Judy Borboa



Judy joins us as an assistant and sub. She comes from working in the public school district as a para. She worked with pre-k and kindergarten students for many years. She is now retired but is dedicated to helping children know God and get the best foundation possible.

Lilli Topper


Lilli Topper is joining us with nursery and babysitting experience. She is working on psychology in early childhood. She is amazing with children and loves getting down to play with them. Lilli is an amazing asset to our team and we are so happy to have her.