Stephanie Chambers



Stephanie Chambers has a background an early childhood education and a Child Development Associates degree. For the past ten years Stephanie has been a lead classroom teacher and has worked diligently to create the love of learning in children. She has been an amazing home school teacher and has experience developing lessons based on each child’s individual learning needs. Stephanie was previously Bethel Life Center's Nursery Director and has a passion for helping children develop a relationship with God.

Tabitha Carroll




We are proud to have Tabitha Carroll as part of our Kingz Kidz team. Tabitha's commitment to teaching and her passion for lifelong learning make her a wonderful early childhood educator. Tabitha has gracefully taught children 0-5 years old for many years. Tabitha uses play based learning in her classroom to teach all learning styles. Tabitha is the most patient and loving preschool teacher in all of Wichita. 

Miranda Flemming




Miranda Flemming comes to Kingz Kidz with a desire to help children develop to their full potential and to learn about God. Miranda has experience with teaching children of all ages and aspires to help children become the best they can be. Miranda currently attends Wichita State University and works as a Disney Princess when she is not at Kingz Kidz. Miranda is the sweetest and most kind teacher you will find. 

Jean Smith



Jean Smith is the cook at Kingz Kidz. Jean worked in the Haysville School District as a cook for many years. Jean is currently retired, but enjoys spending a few hours every day providing nutritious meals for the children of Kingz Kidz. Jean has a passion for working with children and a love for cooking. The children say Mrs. Jean is the best cook around.